Trade Schools



What is a trade school? 

A trade school,  technical school or a vocational school, is an educational institution that exists to teach skills related to a specific job.

While traditional schools teach subjects in Liberal Arts, English, and History, trade schools focus on subjects directly related to a specific career.

Top Careers in San Diego that have a high number of openings:

  • Electrician

  • Construction Laborers

  • Paving, surfacing, tamping equipment operators

  • Assembler

  • Fabricators

  • Metal Workers

  • Building Inspectors

What Is Trade School Like?

Attending a trade school is similar to attending a traditional school in that part of your education takes place in the classroom. When interested in learning about a skilled trade, it’s important to learn not just how things work, but the reason why they do.

The best vocational programs also provide hands-on training to help you become familiar with the best practices in your trade.

Trade school students find themselves practicing their respective trades in scenarios meant to train you for when you’re actually on the job.

Some of these scenarios could include:

Success in a skilled trade career involves not just classroom learning but also hands-on instruction. The best trade schools in the country will provide the tools and training necessary to provide the hands-on experience employers desire.

What Else Do Trade Schools Do?

Besides providing students with the necessary instruction and training, trade schools often help students to find employment after they graduate.

This is usually done through job placement assistance. The school works with area employers who need workers that have the technical skills necessary to get right to work.

When asking yourself the question of “what is trade school”, you also want to think about just where it can lead you in life. By attending a school that provides resources that can help you find work, you may be able to quickly move into the career you deserve.

Trade Schools in San Diego
1. Bridge Career Education
2. Golden State Contractors School
3. International Health Group
4. Pima Medical School
5. Brightwood College
6. California Hair Design
7. Paul Mitchell Hair School
8. Palomar Institute of Cosmetology
9. FIDM (Fashion School)
10. San Diego Culinary Institute
11. Advanced Training 

Liberty Charter High School

8425 Palm Street

Lemon Grove, CA 91945