College Testing Information

SAT and ACT test taking is crucial to the college process! Use the School Links account college search to enter your current scores and see your chances of being accepted to your colleges of choice!




Here's a good schedule:

Freshmen: Be looking ahead towards PSAT. 

Sophomores: Take at least 1 PSAT test to get a good gauge as to where you are. The results on the PSAT can qualify you to different scholarships that are available for college, so be sure to take it seriously. Begin studying for the real SAT/ACT test with a prep book.


Juniors: Take the PSAT, then take the SAT/ACT 1-2 times this year to get familiar with the test.  Plan out when you will take the ACT and SAT. Use school links to research your college wish list and their scores that are needed in order to get acceptance to that school. 


Seniors: You should have already taken the tests by now. This is your chance to try one more time to boost your score before application season. Be sure you are tracking the dates and know the last dates that you can take the tests before application due dates. 

Sophomores and Juniors: PSAT

Coming soon in October 2020

Location: LCHS

Time: 8:00 AM

Cost $15 to be paid in the office

There are only 80 exams available, so first come first serve


Liberty Charter High School

8425 Palm Street

Lemon Grove, CA 91945