You are almost there. This is your final year of high school. Do not check out. You have worked so hard to get to this point and let's work to make it all the way to the finish line!

Course Selection is very crucial. If you are not selecting the correct courses, it could affect your chances of going to college and your graduation. Click on the checklist below to help select courses and to see the different graduation pathways you can take. 

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By senior year, you should have taken at least one round of the SAT/ACT. This is your year to try again and get the scores you want. Check to see the requirements for your school choice. 

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UC/CSU schools Due: November 30th

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There are multiple ways to pay for college. Use Scholarship searches, our scholarship page, school links, and FAFSA to get all money available for your education!

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If you would like to continue to pursue athletics after high school, we have information on how to reach out to schools, eligibility, and techniques on how to stand out. 

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Students have many routes that they can take after high school. If you are thinking of heading off to trade school or into the workforce, this is your place for resources on how to do this successfully.

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Many students want to head into the military, coast guard, border patrol, police or fire departments after high school. 

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If you would like to send an official transcript, find out how to do so  here. 

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If you would like to request a letter of recommendation, find out how to do so here. 

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Have you completed your internship?

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