Below you will find the course syllabus for our LCHS internship course.


If you are interested in enrolling in this course next semester please do the following:

1. Look over the entire syllabus with your parents to get a complete understanding of the requirements of this course.

2. Have your parent or guardian complete the Google Form below indicating that they have read this with you and agree that next semester is an acceptable time for you to make this commitment. 

3. Or, just mark this course on your course selection packet. 

Students who have already taken this course: If you would like to take internship again, you can and will not be required to do any of the work you did in the previous semester. You wil be required still to complete the internship hours. Please email Mrs. Davidson for more information. 

This year's internships are located at:

Daycare Facility--Childcare/Entrepreneur Focus

Hot Seats Salon--Entrepreneur Focus

Bird's Surf Shop- Surf and Shaping Industry

Saans Lena--Art Education Focus

Liberty Charter High School The Lion Den--Entrepreneur Focus

Shaman Law--Law Focus

YMCA--Education Focus

Randy Vopel Office--Politics Focus

Puzzle Pieces Marketing-- Marketing Focus

Garcia Furniture--Entrepreneur Focus

Catholic Church--Education Focus

Liberty Charter High School

8425 Palm Street

Lemon Grove, CA 91945